New Wines

Ok I wanted to start a section where I talk about the bottles of wine I drink and report back. this way I can list all the wines I try.
Every once and a while a great wine comes out of nowhere that blows me away, in this case its a Cabernet from Washington State.  From Charles Smith mostly Cab dominated, from a higher elevation in Washington state. Aged in new french oak this stuff is sublime layer lovelyness. The thing is that Washinton State is the last of the wild west of wine, so thier are great deals to be had. And this one’s a mother, I got this wine for $13 bucks thats with tax! If this was a Cali Cab it would be at least $40 bucks easily. They make this wine to drink now and thats ok, you could age it easily but is drinking great now for a 2013. Find this wine you won’t be sorry and buy a case!
 had a bottle of Ehlers 2010 Cabernet the other night and this wine always brings me right to Napa. The big berries, fruit with  full on oak and cedar vibes coming through. It makes me feel like i’m a tasting room in St Helena on a hot afternoon. Soft Tannins and a Bordeaux vibe this is just a great Cab that would make the best steak even better. This winery was created by a couple Jean and Sylviane Leducq who wanted a Bordeaux style wine from a St Helena grape. Elhers is the name of the farmer who owed the land in 1800’s and the wine is %100 organic. The topper is that the proceeds of the wine go to Cardiovascular research via the Leducq trust. How cool is that!!



I love the wines from Santa Barbara they do such a great job with Pinot Noir, but also the Rhone varietles like Syrah, Viognier ect. One of my fav wineries is Jaffurs located in the heart of Santa Barbara. These guys make a lot of great wines but last night I had the 2012 Grache Blanc. This wine burst with, apricot, peach pitt, and little pineapple and spices to round it out. Grenache blance come from Spain via the southern Rhone and is a great grape! This Grenache blanc from Jaffurs is a food wine with nice acid and balance. Not oaked just right get out and try one for around  $25 a fun white for sure!
People always tell me its easy to like epensive wines how bout a good cheap wine? These days most Cali wines have gone up and up in price. I hear you, and nothing makes me more pissed when I see a local wine shop raise the price of a wine $25 bucks because a good review came out and they figure people will pay this uggh!!  And to regular wine folks who don’t have $60 bucks to throw away. O.K. here ya go TURNBULL OLD BULL 2010. A perfect example of a great Napa wine from a great producer. This part Cab, part Syrah, has a big mouth feel lush fruit, berries, spices, nice finish. Is it a food wine? Ya sort of, but as a glass of vino with a friend its perfect. Most places that have it under $20 bucks a true value, and Turnbull has had a great 2010 thier wines.  have been quite good as a whole.
The other night I went to see Rock Icon Robert Plant perform songs from Zepplin era and his new songs with his Band The Shape Shifters. So first I went to my Butcher and got myself an amazing Ribeye Steak, then I opened a bottle of FOXEN RANGE 30 HAPPY CANYON 2012 red wine.  This wine is a classic blend of old and new. A mix of Merlot the (old) and Cab Franc the (new). When I say old Merlot is a old buddy in the US people started to get bored by it, in reality out side the right bank of Bordeaux its really for blending. Cab franc is a bitey grape that also is a blending grape outside The Loire in France. Together these grapes blend well together and produce a med-tannic fruit forward not overly fruited lovely food wine. That ribeye was perfect, as would lamb, BBQ and classic rock. This wine is around $35 worth it too. Foxen does not disappoint and 2012 is a great year for them so far.
So last night I opened a bottle from MELVILLE 2012 SYRAH and it is a wowzer! These guys have been making great (fair priced) Pinot Noir and have really come up w Syrahs too.  Wine maker Greg Brewer has outdone himself, with both Verna’s estate and St Rita hills.  I have both but only opened Vernas and at first it was tannic and a high in alcohol 14% but thats about right for a wine from a warm climate like north Santa Barbara.  After this wine opened a bit you start to get the layers of Black fruit, smoke, chocolate, with a nice bit of oak. I had only had  two glasses and the next day the wine was near perfect. Every aspect of this wine had fallen in line, giving a smooth, layered, even finish, just delightful.  This wine got 94 from parker, some of you would say its not that great for a 94, however this bottle really need some time to age. If your jonzing to get to this bottle open at least a couple hours ealier to get the full range right now in two years its gonna be a Mother! Ok the good part is right now this wine is only around 24$ bucks not for long so go for it!
So last night I had a half bottle of Woodward Canyon Washington state (artist series) Cabernet 2011. Great fruit, mellow seems like theres Merlot blended in the very smooth finished wine. Washington Cabs are great and can be less tannic than thier southern cousins in Napa. This stuff will age for at least 5 years nicely. This wine is around 40$ for a full bottle and worth it.
So last night I had a bottle of RIDGE GEYSERVILLE  2012 Once again Ridge has done well with this Zin blend.2012 is already a great year getting better. This wine has a big fruit punch that comes across nice and even in the finish. Everyone asks me whats a great decent priced wine, here ya go this wine is around 35 bucks and worth it! Couple years of age is fine as well as right now.
So last night I had a bottle of JAFFURS SYRAH BIENICTO VINEYARDS 2007 Jaffurs is a great winery first of all I’ve tried many of the Syrahs, Grenache, and white blends too. They are a safe bet for a great bottle of wine in genral. The one I had last night was a single vineyard which means better grapes froma specific block. This wine had big notes of Berry, chox, meaty and delicious with alot of oak too. It still needed a year or two to evolve, so it needed to breathe, but really opened up nicely. Syrahs need age, too young they are too tannic like a big Cabernet. I got this wine at Lincoln fine wines a great store in Venice Calf. And for 39 bucks it was a steal. This wine is a great example of how Santa Barbara is a world class wine area.
So last night I enjoyed a bottle of TERRY HOAGE CUVEE 5 BLOCK 2010 a GSM blend mostly Syrah, Grenache and Mourvedre, Terry H was a football player for a bunch of teams and then retired and purchases land in Paso Robles. He’s a Syrah guy and knows that the best wines are southern Rhone varietles. These great grapes come from the Templeton gap as its known just south of Paso Robles. The sea air comes through and keeps the grapes perfectly on track for perfect growing and maturing.,. This wine was blessed by great soils too its where Booker, Saxum, and Denner, grow the best  grapes in the area. I thought this was a good wine big fruit, huge berry concentration like blue, rasberry orgy. Good bit of oak and some sweet spice.Like a fruit pie in a bottle, exept this pie is $45 bucks. These wines are not very availible you have to seek them out, I’m thinkin there was 500 cases made not alot.