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Rent a SOMM Let’s Have a Wine Tasting Party!


When I studied to become a Sommelier, I found the process of breaking down the characteristics of wine to be simple and fun.  You can quickly learn the difference between wines from the old world and new world.  Old world includes France, Italy, Germany, Spain and other parts of Europe.  New world would be the U.S. Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Chile, Argentina, and so on.

Having a wine party is a fun learning and bonding experience.  Have a wine tasting with friends, business co-workers, or any group that likes to have a good time and a great learning experience.  I have led many tastings and the wine knowledge people have before and after is like night and day.  A blend of solid wine knowledge and comedy makes for a fun time, because wine should never be intimidating.

How It Works

To have your own Master (style) Sommelier wine tasting, I bring the wine, glassware and basics of wine education to the venue of your choice. You bring your friends, business associates, family, whomever you like.  I break down the history of wine, myths and misunderstandings, and how to identify different wines through sight, smell and taste.  Through an interactive group learning experience, we’ll discover everyone’s favorites.  We then take the simple tools you’ve just learned and have a blind tasting of four different wines to test your knowledge.  It’s a really fun, comedic experience with a dash of friendly group competition, to see who knows their stuff!  People learn to trust their own palettes, and people new to wine are usually surprised by how much they know.

For people who already know and like wine, they’ll come away with a new appreciation and deeper understanding of what they like and why. For more novice wine drinkers, they will gain the simple tools to be more confident in their wine choices and quickly become wine lovers themselves.

Wine Tasting Class

I’m holding several upcoming WineTasting Classes.  This is a fun way to learn about and taste some great wine. This is a fun, easy going environment where you learn the Sommelier-style of wine tasting so you can understand wine from the inside out. Learn the history of wine, old world vs. new world.  Understand the simple tools that will make the world of wine open up for you.  Then blind taste and use your own skills to guess the wine varietal, year, and country. What are you waiting for?!


Pricing for private event, and corporate events varies.  Please contact me to discuss your needs, and we’ll plan an event to remember. 310-570-7221

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Lets have a tasting!