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My perfect Day in Napa  So, you’re going to Napa/Sonoma and you’ve never been there.  You have two days to do all the stuff you’ve been dreaming of, including wine taste, eat, shop, enjoy nature, etc.   With over four hundred wineries , restaurants, hotels and more, where do you begin?   Where are the cool, unknown, insider places to go?  Great wineries, the best restaurants, and shopping?

Not to worry.  Over the years, I have found amazing places to do all these things. The main comment I get from friends who go to wine country is, “There is so much stuff!  Where do you start?”  Imagine going to wine country and having the dream experience and still finding time to relax.  Napa is such a tranquil place, one has to stop and just take it in.  If you don’t have the time to just chill, you have missed out on part of the experience.

All budgets welcome. Whether you’re camping or staying at the best 5-star hotel.  Napa has something for every budget.

Let us provide you with a plan on how to get the most out of the Napa/Sonoma, Santa Barbara  or Central Coast wine areas.  Use your vacation time to the fullest and get the most out of your wine vacation experience.  Find out the secret to a great time in Napa without going in circles.  After a quick interview via email or phone, I will put together the perfect trip for one, two, three, or more people based on your likes, budget, and time frame.