About Patrick


Patrick Ney, Comedian-Writer-Sommelier

I have several loves; Comedy, Wine,  and Travel.  I became interested in wine some years back when I first visited Napa in the 90’s,  shortly after I first moved to Los Angeles and started doing Stand-up-Comedy.  I was given the opportunity to travel all over California performing stand-up, and was soon lucky enough to get a week-long gig at the Punchline Comedy Club in San Francisco.  The downtime during the day gave me a great opportunity to explore Napa and Sonoma, and really get to know the whole area.  At first I discovered my favorite wineries, then favorite restaurants and places to stay.  I even learned local secrets like how to avoid traffic during rush hour.  (Yes, they actually have a rush hour!)  Each year I would do comedy shows in the bay area and learn more and more about California wine.

I found that wine is not as complicated as people sometimes think.  For Americans, our love of wine is more recent in comparison to the French, Italians, and Spanish who grow up with wine as a part of their everyday lives and food experience.  This may be why in the U.S. many of us feel we need to be told what is good in our wine choices.  We have wine magazines that dole out ratings that seem to overvalue a lot of the big reds.  Or there’s the snobby guy at the wine store who is willing to let you feel stupid about your wine choices.  Many of these ratings are B.S., but Americans love a top ten list.  Just look at the local magazine rack –  “Top 10” this or “Best 5 of the Year” that in just about everything. One of my favorite wineries never gets a good review, if it even gets reviewed at all.  Year after year they make great stuff and nobody knows about them.  Right down the road is the big Cabernet winery that has a label everyone knows.  And if anything that big label wine has gotten worse over the years, not better.  My point is, taste for yourself and decide what you like!

I became a Sommelier a couple years ago because I wanted to learn about wine from the inside outI’ve learned so much from the experts at The Court of Master Sommeliers.  They are actually really cool guys who like all types of wine, and would rather drink a brew in a lot of cases. They find great wines everywhere and don’t go by what a wine magazine says.  I like to infuse their style of wine education with a few of my own thoughts, and bit of stand-up.  This combo makes for a great wine tasting party or event in your home or business.  You’ll learn the basics of how to break down a wine, and have a great time in the process!


How It Works RENT A SOMM

To have your own Master (style) Sommelier wine tasting, I bring the wine, glassware and basics of wine education to the venue of your choice. You bring your friends, business associates, family, whomever you like.  I break down the history of wine, myths and misunderstandings, and how to identify different wines through sight, smell and taste.  Through an interactive group learning experience, we’ll discover everyone’s favorites.  We then take the simple tools you’ve just learned, and have a blind tasting of several different wines to test your knowledge.  It’s a really fun experience, with a dash of friendly group competition, to see who knows their stuff!  People learn to trust their own palettes, and people new to wine are always surprised by how much they know.

For people who already know and like wine, they’ll come away with a new appreciation and deeper understanding of what they like and why. For more novice wine drinkers, they will gain the simple tools to be more confident in their wine choices and quickly become wine lovers themselves.